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The possibilities are endless: snow sports, biking, ATV, climbing, motocross, side by side, power paragliding, swift water rescue, go-karting, off road, sports fishing, yacht staff safety, survey crew, equestrian riding, bridge inspection, crane operators, arborist and more.


Wind and noise cancelling helps to reduce unwanted sounds, resulting in clearer audio.


The long-range feature allows for a stable connection over greater distances, increasing the versatility of device use.


With the waterproof feature, you can use your device worry-free in water-prone environments.


The no Wi-Fi or cell needed feature enables device usage in areas without Wi-Fi or cellular networks.

Our Values

Our Values

Winter Sports

Our light weight devices can be used anywhere. Use our devices on the water and for your rugged outdoor adventures. Simply change the headset that goes with your unit that suits your adventure. Durable in extreme cold conditions.

Families love talking together on the mountain while snowboarding or snow skiing using our intercoms. Keep your family together and in contact at all times while on the snow trails. BbTALKIN is fun to use, keeps you safe and can easily be installed into your snow helmet or onto your snow goggles.

Water Sports

Offering the best waterproof communication devices for any activity on the water. Self-contained and wearable with built-in long-range Bluetooth. Our unit enables wireless, hands-free group voice chatting without a WiFi or cell signal.  You can communicate clearly keeping your hands free, there is no need to push to talk.

BbTALKIN has revolutionized a coach’s ability to provide quality and effective training in a variety of water sports including kiteboard, wakeboard, wing foil, electric foil (efoil), sailing, wakesurf, windsurf, water skiing, kayak and more.

Other Activities

Staying connected with your workforce is a key component to success.

Swift water rescue and surf rescue teams have found our products extremely valuable in their rescue operations. Establish hands-free real time communication with your ground and sky crew.

Inspection teams that are in elevated suspended situations can talk clearly and hands-free, enhancing your safety.

You can effortlessly stay connected with your core team.

WaterProof Best Features.

Wind Noise Cancelling Headsets
for your helmet, hat, snow goggles,
and more

About Us

Our products are made in Taiwan. Inventors, Homare Imai and Richard Wang, had the idea to create a waterproof coaching tool after experiencing kiteboarding lessons with no way to communicate with the coach. Research and development began in Summer of 2012. In Spring of 2013, a prototype was ready and on the water testing commenced. In Spring of 2015, the BbTALKIN product line was finalized, FCC approval was issued, and mass production began.
Although the initial idea behind the product line was for water sports, the products have proven to be diverse and supply many different markets with reliable communication. We service a wide range of customers for communication for coaching, security, safety, training, entertainment, surveying, construction, boating, recreation and competition.
BbTALKIN can be used in a variety of marine and snow environments.

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Snow Audio Beanie

د.إ 49.50
  • Weatherproof IPX5
  • Warranty
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Triple Eight Water Helmet – Halo

د.إ 59.99
  • High-density ABS outer shell
  •  Meets CE EN 1385-2012 Water Sport Standard
  • CE EN 1385 Water Sports
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