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Please read these terms and conditions before placing your order. If you do not accept these terms and conditions, do not register or purchase products from BbTALKIN UAE (Distributed by P.S.P.A co ltd).

Card Not Present Transactions:

By shopping on our website, you are making an eCommerce purchase with the card not present to us personally.  When clicking “checkout” and accepting our terms and conditions, you are accepting the charges associated with your order in full.  If any suspicious fraud flags arise from your order, we may ask for additional information to verify your order and transaction which you must comply with to receive your order.  You are required to comply with any additional requested in order for your order to ship.


This Agreement is between you and BbTALKIN, UAE (Distributed by P.S.P.A co ltd).

We Take Care Of Your Orders

We do everything we can to make shopping on this site easy and worry-free.

The Ordering Process

When you order online you will be sent an e-mail automatically to confirm that your order has been received at the web site, www.bbtalkinuae.com. We will regularly process orders from the web site.   We do not ship orders on Saturday or Sunday. If for any reason we do not accept your order, we will e-mail you. Please give your correct e-mail address, and do not block our replies with a spam filter or you will not receive our e-mails about your order status.

Shipment of Goods

We aim to post all orders within two days of ordering.  We do not download or process orders on Saturdays or Sundays. If an item is out of stock, we will e-mail you with the details of the delay. If we can only supply part of your order, we will send the part we can supply quickly, and back order the remainder and send it as soon as it is available. If you are a first time customer and our system flags your order as potentially fraudulent, your shipment will be delayed until your identity can be confirmed.


Postage is calculated individually for each order based on the total weight of the goods and the country we are posting to. Value Added Tax (VAT) maybe charged on postage depending on the order area, state or country. We aim to keep postage charges to a minimum and generally work with internationally recognized carrier DHL,UPS,ARAMEX,FEDEX. Also, we may split large orders into different parcels. Don’t forget faster shipping options may cost more than usual.  If you order is shipping internationally, you as the customer are responsible for all duties and taxes.  BbTALKIN UAE does not have control of customs duties and taxes.


Value Added Tax (VAT) is charged on the value of all goods we supply, and is also charged on postage costs according to the tax laws operating in UAE where the sale actually takes place. Certain items can be supplied without us charging VAT or taxes. All items sent internationally are not charged by any UAE. taxes.  You will be responsible for all customs duties, taxes and fees associated with your order.  BbTALKIN, UAE (Distributed by P.S.P.A co ltd) is not held accountable or responsible for any customs duties, taxes and fees associated with international orders.

Missing Goods

Immediately open your package upon receipt.  Please let us know if your goods have not been received. At this stage, we will ask you to confirm that the address you gave us for delivery is correct, and to check with your local Post Office to see if they have tried to deliver it, but not left a note. This does happen. Also to check if the goods have been left somewhere unusual for you.  You must notify BbTALKIN UAE within 5 days of receipt of your shipment if any items are missing.  If we do not hear from you, we assume your order was received in full.

The Post Office, FedEx and UPS recognizes that goods are missing

If not delivered in 3 weeks in the United Arab Emirates. or 5-6 weeks worldwide, we will take action to investigate the issue and remedy the situation.

Returning Goods

You have 15 days from receipt of your products to request to return any goods received.  The goods must be returned in it’s original packaging and in excellent new condition in order to receive a full refund on the goods purchased.  Shipping costs is not refundable.  The goods cannot have been used out on the water.  Return requests are to be sent to:  sales@bbtalkinuae.com.  Phone: 321-914-4948.  You must correspond with BbTALKIN, UAE (Distributed by P.S.P.A co ltd) directly in order to process your return.

Defective or damaged products during the shipping process needs to be brought to BbTALKIN, UAE (Distributed by P.S.P.A co ltd) attention immediately upon receipt.  You must notify of us of any defective or damaged products within 5 days of receipt of the products.  Defective or damaged product claims are to be sent to: sales@bbtalkinuae.com.  Phone: 321-914-4948.

We do not refund the cost of return postage unless we have made a mistake with the order. We can only accept back items that have not been used, and that are returned with the original packaging in reasonable condition, otherwise a refund cannot be given.

BbTALKIN, UAE (Distributed by P.S.P.A co ltd) will not warranty any parts damaged, destroyed or otherwise deemed un-operational if the customer causes the damage.  If the customer returns a claimed defective part to BbTALKIN, UAE (Distributed by P.S.P.A co ltd) and we determine the defect was caused by the customer, BbTALKIN, UAE (Distributed by P.S.P.A co ltd) will not warranty the product.

Warranty Repair & Replacement Service Instructions:

BbTALKIN UAE will replace your product or part free of charge if your product or part has a manufacturing defect that is covered by the warranty below. The customer is responsible for the shipping costs to return the warranty claim.  BbTALKIN UAE will cover the shipping costs to get the replacement warranty part back to the customer once warranty is confirmed.  BbTALKIN UAE will only ship a warranty replacement to the same address as the initial order.  If the customer wishes to have the warranty replacement shipped to a different address, additional charges may apply.

  1. BEFORE sending anything to BbTALKIN UAE, please contact our Customer Support Team at support@bbtalkinuae.com. We are often able to solve the problem quickly via email.
  2. If our Customer Support Team determines that your problem qualifies under warranty coverage, you will be required to ship back the product(s) causing you issues.
  3. Prepare a package to return to BbTALKIN UAE.
  4. Include your name, address, phone number and Order No. within the package.
  5. Send to the appropriate address below:

Note: If you purchased your BbTALKIN products from a dealer or outside source, you will be required to process your warranty claim with the company you purchased your products from.  If you fail to receive assistance from the outside source, please immediately notify us of your issue.  We will review each outside source warranty claim individually and will require a receipt showing proof of purchase.

Address to Send Warranty Claims:

Bbtalkin UAE
Distributed by P.S.P.A co ltd
Dubai, Deira, Salahuddin road, P.S.P.A company.

Local: 0504250709
International: +971 50 425 0709
What’s App: +971 58 639 4945
Email: sales@bbtalkinuae.com

It is vital that you communicate with BbTALKIN UAE’s Customer Support Team before sending in your return.  Sending back warranty items without contacting us first can risk being unidentified and your warranty claim not addressed.


BbTALKIN UAE units are guaranteed against manufacturing defects one (1) year from the original date of purchase. BbTALKIN UAE accessories are guaranteed against manufacturing defects six (6) months from the original date of purchase.

BbTALKIN UAE’s sole obligation in the event of such defects during this period is to repair or replace the defective part or product with a comparable part or     product at BbTALKIN UAE’s sole discretion. Except for such repair or replacement, the sale, processing or other handling of this product is without warranty, condition or other liability even though the defect or loss is caused by negligence or other fault.

Damage resulting from use, accident, or normal wear and tear is not covered by this or any warranty. BbTALKIN UAE assumes no liability for any accident, injury, death, loss, or other claim related to or resulting from the use of this product. In no event shall BbTALKIN UAE be liable for incidental or consequential damages relating to or resulting from the use of this product or any of its parts.

Due to possible user resealing error, this product is not warrantied against waterhousing leakage or any resulting damage. Please review and follow the instructions carefully when sealing the waterhousings!

If you intend on using BbTALKIN UAE products while performing extreme tricks   or intense training, there are occasions when you can forcefully impact the water  or an object which can cause the waterhousing to become loose or break.  If you are using BbTALKIN UAE products when training during watersports where there are consist impacts on the water, we recommend re-enforcing the mounting of the Advance Unit.  If continued impact is occurring during lessons or training, always check to make sure your waterhousing has not received any damage and your Advance Unit is secure at all times.

You can re-enforce the waterhousing by adhesive, zip tie or cord.


Water damage to a BbTALKIN UAE unit is not covered under warranty. Make sure your waterhousing is completely closed and secured.  Make sure the connector piece going into the Advance Unit from your head accessory is securely tightened at all times.

During use, if the Advance Unit encounters an impact, check the case to make sure no cracks were caused by the impact.  Make sure the connector did not come loose during impact.

Returns or replacements of parts and/or products may be subject to shipping, handling, replacement and/or restocking fees.

Worldwide Shipping

We ship worldwide, but certain limitations apply. We will notify you about any problems that we find.

Each country has it’s own customs policies. We try to keep up to date with these, but can not know every policy in every country. We recommend that you check with the Customs Authority in your own country to see that the goods you order will not be blocked by Customs. We describe the goods we are sending you on the Customs Declaration, which we stick on to the package for Customs to see. Where we know of Customs restrictions, we will notify you. Some countries charge an Import Duty on goods going through customs. It is up to you to find out about these policies for your country, and to pay any extra duties imposed. If your order is impounded by customs we are unable to offer a refund and the cost of the order will be borne by you in full.

We may choose to not ship into certain countries due to security or customs problems, and we have right to remove these countries from the list of countries in our Shopping Cart, so that if the country is not in this list we will not be able to send orders there.


Prices are displayed in US Dollars and the transaction will be performed in US Dollars in the final page of the shopping cart.

Shopping Policy

We try to keep all prices up to date, but if we have made a mistake and find the price of the goods are significantly different than the price on the shopping cart, then we will e-mail you and ask if you wish to continue with the order at the new price. Your order is only accepted once we agree that the prices are correct.


Products furnished shall not be duplicated by Customer/Recipient.

The Customer/Recipient agrees that the products furnished by BbTALKIN, UAE (Distributed by P.S.P.A co ltd) shall not be utilized to make, offer, put onto market, imported, exported or used for experimental or teaching purposes by itself, it’s associates or any third party.  If there is a breach to this term, BbTALKIN, UAE (Distributed by P.S.P.A co ltd) will seek legal ramifications.


These Terms & Conditions shall be construed and enforced according to the laws of UAE and any dispute under this Agreement must be brought in this venue and no other. In the event of an infringement outside the UAE, any party responsible for the infringement shall be held accountable under the laws of the UAE,  as this is the origin of the Agreement.



Please use mobile earphone as headset A then test B.
*If the headset B still doesn't work, please change SD-SPK for the headset B.
*If the sound is normal, the problem might be the MIC on headset A.
Please change SD-MIC for the headset A.
Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hepW9oSO660

*You also could clean the pin by METAL POLISH.
1. Dip some cream with a tissue.
2. Wipe the pin by circle until there is no dirt on it.
3. Use another tissue to clean it again.

Take care tips:

*After each use, take off the sponge and rinse your BbTalkin headset thoroughly with
fresh, clean water. (especially microphone and speaker)
*Dry naturally in a clean, dry, cool area.
*And away from any heat source, prolonged direct sunlight.
If you already changed SD-SPK / SD-MIC (or already test by mobile earphone),
and the headset still have noise. It might be ADV units’ issue.
Please ask the customer send back the unit and you need to check inside.
If it isn’t water damage, you could give the new unit as warranty.

ADV unit

1. When you open the case, you will see the battery first, please take it out.
2. Then you can see the first side of PCB.

3. Unscrew it again, then you can check another side.
(This one is OK, no water damage)

If want to speak individually by ADV

Advance units work like a chain,
1st device CH2 connect to 2nd device CH1, 2nd device CH2 connect
to 3rd device CH1.
(Please look the photo below)
If you would like to have individual channel for each students,
you'll need 5 devices for yourself and 1 for each students, total 10 devices.
For long range communication, we don’t suggest more than 3 way talk

Advance pairing like a chain 1—2—3—4
If 2 is gone, only 3 and 4 can talk.

If they get out of order, like 4—2—3—1
or if 1 is in the middle and surrounded by 2,3,4
it's still can work.

*As our support team experience,
the connection of land to water have least problem. It's the best situation to use the device.

Boat to water, we only try it on wakeboard, it's also not much of a problem.

Water to water, it's the worst connection for devices. Maybe will get disconnect.

Therefore, keep the unit same and instructor teaching on the land is the best option.
(We had black units and this is the old one)

Reason influence communication:

1. The air environment nearby may has 2.4Ghz frequency such as cell phone wifi,
Bluetooth, Wifi Router, Cordless Phone, RC toy etc. will reduce RF energy.
2. The physical environment:
Obstacle like Walls, Trees, Waves, houses etc. will reduce RF(radio frequency)
3. If both people are in the water, the distance will be shorter.
4. Reconnect problem: within 300m can click button 1 to reconnect the units.

*Communication distance is much better if you mount the main device on your head.

The reasons that cause battery expand has:

1) AC adopter is over 5V.
2) It was out of power last time when you storage it.
Meantime, doesn’t use the unit for long time (few months).
The battery will keep discharge the power and influence the PCB working while
storage. So the battery will expand, and PCB may damage too.

When ADV can't turn on:

Please confirm its full charge first (RED is charging, BLUE is full charge).
Second, reset the unit (Press POWER and VOL+ for 3-5 secs)
Then try to turn on the power while plug in the charge cable.
If it can turn on the power, it may be battery loosen.
If not, it may be PCB problem.
(Please get the unit from the customer and check if it’s water damage)