Microphone Repair Instructions


x1: Microphone

x2: Screws

  1. Take out the old microphone.       

Place the new microphone into your head accessory. 

  1. Make sure the PINS are matched up. This is very important.
  2. Once the PINS are matched up, screw the new microphone in using the two screws provided.
  3. The microphone being slightly raised is normal.

Speaker Repair Instructions

  1. Content:

    x1: Speaker

    x3: Screws

    x1: Plastic slice

    x1: Stainless hook

    1. For the boom microphone, first remove the Velcro tape. (If you are changing out the speaker on a helmet speaker pad, this is not relevant.) 

2.Take out the screws.       

3.Use the Stainless Steel hook to take out the old speaker. Pull out the connector.           

 4.Install the new speaker:

A. Aligning the arrow mark to arrow mark   B. Insert the new speaker connector.  C. Insert the plastic slice tool over the O-ring, insert the new speaker and take out the slice tool. ** Important step as this let’s the air out.  If this step is skipped, it could cause the sound to be low.

5. For the boom microphone, place the Velcro tape back onto the speaker area.     

The microphone and speaker piece can be replaced on the following head accessories:

B01R: Sports Headset

B01HR: Surf Hat

B01CR: Baseball Cap

B02R: Single Sided Helmet Speaker Pad

B03R: Double Sided Helmet Speaker Pad

B02G: Single Sided Helmet Speaker Pad for GATH helmet


All microphone and speaker pieces are covered under warranty for 6 months from the date of purchase. You are required to return the item to BbTALKIN USA you are seeking warranty coverage on.